E2S Security, is one of the established security company in the region, specializing in escort services. We employ retired law enforcement personnel to provide complete Mobile Armed Escorts in transporting valuable products, providing either single driver or a team. In addition, we provide security vehicle (4x4) with armed escort, driver and armed guards to escort the trucks separately from one point to another point. E2S Security Team, provides both marked and un-marked vehicles so that a visual deterrent can be created, for a very discreet and under cover service. Our management and executive team will liaise directly with clients to ensure their exact needs and safety measures are met. This division has remarkably expanded its Security Armoured Trucking haulage services to meer the increasing demand for specialized fields of security with solutions designed for protection against crime and terrorism. Each security truck has features such as driver ID control, vehicle tracking and fleet management functions including online driver, truck and goods information, among others.


Arm & Unarmed Escort
Escort with or without Global Position System (GPS)

Hence, we're Member of TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association), an association of security professionals organized for the purpose of addressing variety of security threats common to the technology industry by leveraging on the best practices and common experiences of its membership.